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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  September 23, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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meanwhile, we're going to take a look at the weather, a nice, ni first full day of fall today. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. i'm wisdom martin, before we get to the weather and the traffic. know that let you cedar 54 dulles-bwi marshall. a little cloud deck working from thedeck north, sliding from from pennsylvania into northern maryland and right over the district. the dayus will start with some clouds, and then wed n will see the clouds breakup
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during the course of the day. high pressure, over the course, we are not concerned with shower activity.activ the next several days will feature dry weather. we the temperatures will be the highs of 70s, below average temperature wise, but overall, we will start -- >> we will take, tuck, thanks. h let's check in with juliee wright. >> reporter: we received word that there's a crash of the vehicle over the embankment, as you approach the exit for i-195, again state as to the left to get by, head out toward baltimore, the northbound side of the highway is affected, affe southbound it's of coursed, traveling between albutris, andd the capital beltway, and running east, and no accidents have been reported. this is where we had problemss early this morning with the with
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crash before the entrance on the hov lanes, in dum dumfries. we are told the accident restin on thent shoulder and another delay headed northboundrthbo approaching the prince williamim parkway on the hov lane, that is where we received word of a stalled out vehicle tying up the lane of two. that is on time traffic. counselors will be be on hand to help students deal with the killing of a senior. he was stabbed to death at wood bridge saturday afternoon. this is east of interstate 95, near occoquan bay. >> police don't believe thet attack is random, but they don't have any suspects, investigatore are asking anyone withne information to give them a call. new this morning, d.c. d.c. police are trying to track down a man who stole his car and also his hands. hand he was parked at northwest
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before 2:00, when two suspectss carjacked him.him. one the suspects had a gun and they demanded the man remove his hands and they took those, too. >> all right, here in the district, the gun control delate is front and center one week after the massacre at the navy yard. president obama says thisys kind of violence cannot become the new normal. america has an obligation toligt make sure that though other family suffers such tragedy. audrey barnes has more. >> reporter: as thousands of invited guests began dering at thbegan gatheringat the marine,, and first lady were meeting with the families.milies >> sometimes i fear there's a creeping resignation, that these tragedies are just somehow themo way it is. that this is somehow the new
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normal. we can't accept this. >> reporter: the president said our murder rate is three times higher than other advanced nations. our murder rate for guns ten times higher. mayor vincent gray told us whath sets us apart from others is wee don't do enough to keep the guns out the hands of criminals andln those with mental challenges.ale we do something to deter somewhere else .ere >> reporter: as they left, relatives and friends focused o the lives lost. she lost her friend and neighbor who took a part-time job at thee local wal-mart to stay connected to the community. >> he loved being around people. he complemented me every time i came into the wal-mart. she loved her job as well as her job . >> reporter: mar k adams whose whos
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wife laura works on building 19u was moved to tears. their son was an active duty marine. he could have been in those shoes, when his wife ended up op the same floor aaron alexis. >> i knew that she was safe. that was a blessing for me thatt she was safe like that. president obama has orderede a full review of how aaronron alexis was able to get his weapons on to a navy yard. there are a dozen held by the gunman, a standoff started on saturday and so far 68 peoplp have died in the attack and 175 are injured including several president obama called kenya's president yesterday to express r the united states condolences.n.
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terrorists from a group launchep the raid, they are retaliating against kenya for the attacks on neighboring somalia.malia. and coming up the race is on to get help those though trapped by flood waters in colorado. it was another sad sundayndy for skins fans. rgiii is now 0-3, the redskins now 0-3. be honest. ne >> can the team ge turn it arou we are going to get reaction. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million everyday gas-free miles already driven, the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪
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the death toll has risen to 110 people in mexico following widespread flooding and mudslides. three storms including two tropical systems hit the country hard last week. over the weekend tens ofs thousands of tourists made their way out the flooded resort of the city of acapulco by airlift, planes or the city's newly re-opened main highway. meanwhile in colorado, soldiers and construction
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workers are working hard to clear the town as flooded by flood waters there. th 7 people were killed. 60 people are still unacted for, but that number is dropping aspg roads and phone services are restored. boston police commissioner ed davis who led his departmentm ponce after the boston bombing b is stepping down. davis has given his resignation to the mayor and will hold a press conference to discuss hisi future plans. meanwhile, lawyers for the dzhokar tsarneav will be in court they want to discuss the time me line prosecutors have to decide whether or not to seek the death penalty in the sar enough ttsarneav is accusedg three people, and killing a police officer while on the run. coming up celebrating the best of t.v. find out who took home when we recap the awards
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night. >> yes, of course. and ases, of we head to bre, take a live look outside, therer we go, that's a live lookok outside, i thought we were goine back to the emmys. we are going to get the latest a weather and traffic with tuckerr and julie coming up next.  [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman,
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that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
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all right time is 6:15 on15n this monday morning, happy monday, weather wasn't too bad yesterday, we will see how it's going to be today, as we kickoff the first official day of fall.a >> first full day. da >> first >> fall arrived today at 4:44 p.m. something atced the sky at that the very momento >> at that very moment. >> i missed that, i was insidein watching >> most people didn't see it. >> it officially arrived. >> yeah, it feels like it.
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>> it certainly feels like it fl this morning.mornin we got cloud cover working through the region to start your day. it will be a partly sunnynny afternoon. it's going to feel like fall,fa you will want to consider bringing a jacket. >> it's cold at night. >> it's going to be coldld tonight, overnight lows, 30s north and west by early tomorrow morning. let's go to the numbers and talk about high temperatures yesterday, 70s, 76 at reagann national, did get a little cloul cover during the afternoonon yesterday, gorgeous day, 74 at dulles and 73 at bwi marshall. we cooled oa off overnight buttu we're not litter cold.ld 58 in washington, 58 thisngton, morning in annapolis, we're doing a little cooler off to th west and the north. manassas 52 degrees, gaithersburg, you too, were gorks and let's se,looking at 4l spot at cumberland north and and
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west. here is cloud deck. there's low level moisture, wha, we call a deck of stratus clouds, working from the north andds, pushing into northernn maryland and pushing across d.c. as well. clouds will be with us for a time early this morning as we see the cloud deck forming, andg we are deal with some clouds, we should turn partly sunny, expec, a nice afternoon with a coolcool afternoon high of only about 70u keep that in mind, it's going to feel like fall, high pressure in the northern great lakes is going to move out slow, a warming trend around here.around today it will be like 70, a warm up by the middle of the weeke back in the mid-70s, partlypartl sunny wind out of the north,, later tonight, cold, we mention 50 at washington, lots of 40s tomorrow morning, and a fewfe 30s by tomorrow morning, north and west. there's at cue weather seven-da- mid-70s, wednesday are, thursday and friday, and notice the pattern, we are very, very
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dry. saturday night, the next seven days, featuring rain here in the next seven days. let's find out traffic, on the roads. >> reporter: highways are slowing northbound on i-95 in virginia. this is where we find the crew, the wreck was reported beforebe the hov entrance at the dumfries. all the activity is confined, and big tie-ups, as we head toward stafford, and headedad toward dumfries, and a slow down, and the stalled parkway,r, that the was tying up the left lane, let's continue the cameras, eastbound along 66, coming out of manassas, gently on the brakes right now headed eastbound toward the rest area, traffic slowing at centreville, and one more stretch of thethe brake lights approaching the beltway. good to go, no issues to report,report leaving eastern continuingntinu toward pennsylvania avenue, noww let's continue with the maps,ps, and what else we have on the th roads, the wreck occurred beford
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the exit before i-195, it'sit noted pulled over to the shoulder, all of the lanes now open. that's a check of fox 5 on time traffic. the emmy awards were handed outlast night and breaking bad won highest drama before taking its final bow in the last last season. and family won for the 4th straight year in and it took home 11 emmys, and best actorsts for star michael douglas. >>this is a two-handed and matt, you are only as good -- [ laughter ]hter ] >> you know are only as good ass your other hand. >> okay.>> >> the voice picked up bestbest reality show break at mazing phrase's emmy run, and a surprise win the newsroom jeff
6:19 am
daniels took home the top actor prize. >> interesting little segment. >> all right, coming up next, satisfying that sweet tooth, well, that might ab little more expensive to do. >> we're going to go live to to business network, and with moreh on what is sending the price of dark chocolate soaring. we will be back after this.
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welcome back. time 6:23. in today's business beat, a, german hacker group says it's already broken the iphone touch id reader. and chocolate prices are about to rise. so that iphone id fingerger print that everyone said was so great, someone has cracked the code. >> i know, just a couple of days after the iphone 5s has been
6:23 am
on store selves. a german hacker group, says it's made a fake finger contribute fd tricks the system, if you areou getting rid of your pass code, to get into your phone, youou might want to think twice aboutu that, because it's not so hardso to make that fake finger print and get in. in fact, they have a youtubeube video out to make that fake finger print.t. >> they use finger print biometrics to get patients, the system absolutely failed all tha time. they have all of these crazy tricks, if you put your finger on the back of your back of head it will make it work work better, and they can't work. >> apparently they didn't consult the emts or the peoplete who use this whole system. >> it's new technology, it's supposed to be innovative, but
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if you need it for emergencies it better work. >> i know this isn't emergency r chocolate prices going up.p. >> but for some people it is. >> for us that like chocolate,oe it's going up. >> is it specifically dark clock chocolate. >> the reason is cocoa beans are fetching 5ed $5 a pound. dark chocolate is one of the reasons, a lot of health experts are citing the benefits of dark chocolates and people are loving it. that's why a lot of people are noticing the dark reseizes peanut butter cups. have you noticed that. >> yes, and they're better. i guess we will have to pay mor for those. >> stock up on those.
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coming up, win list, the redskins fall to the lions in another close game, now with the team 0-3, what needs to change. we are going to check in with the sports junkies for a take coming up.coming whether you produc brew you, or take it to go, find out what your cup of joe says about you.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it's fall, brand new season of fall. we could talk football ot season all over again? there's still time tucker. tu there's always next year.
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>> oh, my gosh, sarah. sa >> we're not doing that yet. >> not yet. ye >> weather is going to cooperate today. as you go to the bus top or depo out doors, it's going to be cool, highs in the upper 60ss to upper 70s, we got clouds working through at the moment. night quiet pat tesh. pattern. had the heavy rain on saturday u afternoon and saturday night, nh it's going to turn dry depend. e 43 iagain.aga 43 inin bim igton binghamton, ao morning with clear skies we will have a clear morning.. cloudiness working through for o the time being here, we should turn partly sunny in afternoon, i'm not sure it's going to be aa bright and beautiful day, but au least partly sunny as we mentioned high temperatures upper 60s and upper 70s, 70 don't be concerned, the clouds won't produce any rain, and a a little moisture working through. with the high pressure off tosue the north.
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cool for this time of year, 70 daytime high in washington and upper 60s, a little further away from downtown. >> thank you, >> julie wright has on the time traffic. >> on time traffic, brought to o you by toyota, for specialeci offers, a double whammy, northbound along i-95, in virginia, the first wreck occurred before the hov and wreck approaching dumfries, northbound i-95, near joplin road, that is what is tying upg the right lane, a couple of trucks, two left lanes squeezing by, northbound i-95, and headed toward 224, traffic is slowing at wood bridge as the trafficfic continues heading out toward newington. assist at the scene, but again heavy volume headed northbound from 610.from now let's continue with the cameras, we will show you eastbound 66, four lanes arear open, the pace is slowing from
6:31 am
234 south headed eastbound, fair oaks toward 123, lanes open, no issues to report, leaving leav eastern avenue, headed toward pennsylvania avenue, lightght traffic, right now on kenilworth, headed northbound, no problems to report on 295a 2a cruet the 11th street bridge. picking up the usual suspects heading out of the hyattstown,tw headed toward the traffic, and 123 to 124. that's on tim a check of on time traffic. large explosions were justre heard at the mall in the capital where a hostage standoff is in its third day. pee sides the explosions there -- besides the explosions there were heavy gun fire and huge clouds of smoke are reportedrted rising from the mall. at last report, 68 people have e been killed. as soon as we get more updates on the situation, we will let
6:32 am
you know. meanwhile president obama i preparing to meet world leaders at this week's united nations ti general a see assembly eos's me. syria is the big issue but the chemical weapons will be a hot topic. on saturday the syrian government submitted a full lisi of its weapons, but the united h states and russia still disagrei on whether any resolution shoult include the threat of force. meanwhile a week after thee tragedy at the navy yard, says something needs to be done to prevent tragedies like president obama, the first lady and t.c d.c. mayor vincent gray attended the service. it was held just down the barracks from southeast. >> sometimes i fear there's a creeping resignation, that these tragedies are just somehow the e
6:33 am
way it is, that this is somehow the new normal. we can't accept this. >> gridlock buster rights advocates say more needs to beet done to identify the mentally nt ill who are dangerous. the nra says it's not enough toh commit them to a psychiatric hospital. it was another rough day, rough sunday for the redskins rs and their fans. the skins are 0-3 after fallinga to the detroit lions, 27-20. 27 >> for more on what is behind this awful start season we turn to the sports junkies 106.7 the fan.n. >> what is behind this? what is costing the team these games n they hav. >> we have talked about issues,, they have given 1,634 yards. they are having a terrible start to the season.
6:34 am
i know that people wanted to kill the defense, but there were three defensive sis takes, it was rgiii, and there was a fumble, where he doesn't know how to fly for some reason. >> most kids would have toppeded that one like six or 7 yearss old. >> and robinson touching the the touch down pass.uc >> he is running full speed ande he is falling down, you know his velocity is going to cost him to draw that ball loose, but you to the to haul that in. and then he gets up, and he you the dance, he scored, and he didn't. they knew that he didn't catch the ball.ll. >> it's not all in the offense, the defense has been catastrophic. no other word ki think of. opposing quarter backs, threw 300 yards, that has to stop. >> believe it or not, i saw progress.ess. remember we got killed 91st twoe
6:35 am
first two weeks, game wasn't competitive. playing a tight football game. we are right there with them. i say we can win ta game. ga i'm actually, i'm looking at the glass half full.. >> we just watched alfred morris, stamper into the end zone, he is good but under uselized. you see rgiii, that is runningrunni and he does have the legs and the capability to rub like he re did last >> you are still there, becausee i got a question for you? >> yeah. >> on defense. we know it's historic, but these are teams that are playing, andn they are coming in here and shelling them. calvin johnson was the only ly player that they have on the field. calvert doesn't play, he threw,h and he still catches, what can be done to fix this horrificrrii
6:36 am
defense, because it is. is it's just bad. >> i would change the defensive coordinator. >> am i minority in this room. >> going into this season, why keep him. >> i dis disagree, they just gae him $80 million contract, he has a great receiver. i they is a pretty good quarter back. these teams aren't horrific. i thinkty droit is going ti thid at the end of the year. they watch films, and go to practice every day. >> a guy shouldn't have over 130 combined rushing and receiving yards are reggie that is just can't keepkeep happening. >> if you replay, is raheem morris going to go out there and play, and you're still going to have the same players, thee bottom line it's going to be a mediocre defense, are you going
6:37 am
to have to score points to win,, and the steelers only three, the 49ers were in the super bowl and they're 1-2, this is what happens in this league, it's very tough to win week to week. >> looking forward to the raiders, what is going to be the biggest threat for the skins sk against the raiders. id >> the raiders played againstayd the denver broncos, so they arey going to have a short week to prepare for the redskins. alfred morrison, has found the end zone, hopefully they can get off to an early meeting. >> they can't make defense mistakes, and they're quart baca is a guy who like to -- quarterback is a guy likes to run, they should be prepared ep for. that he is veryd fast, long and tall. is inexperienced, heed is young. >> i don't care how bad oakland is, it's never easy to go out ot and win.
6:38 am
>> 120 passing yards last week. if he has 300 passing yards against the washington redskins secondary. that is in trouble. >> that is defense, but we have got 10 better offensively. we had over 400 yards offensively. we saw him move around a little bit, and scramble. i think slowly and surely we're getting there offensively. of if we can get a little defense,e we will be right there. >> the giants got destroyed yesterday. they still in second or thirdd place, so it's all good.. >> they won six games, they winy the division. >> all right, thank you very ry much we will talk to you later. time is 6:39. 6:39 >> still to come, how do youdo u take your coffee. do you take it sugared. >> reporter: black. bl >> all of it. >> all of it. it >> put it all in there. >> crearm ancreamer. >> we will find out what it
6:39 am
reveals about your personalityy there. >> i like it all. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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s. we were talking about the whole hoff key thing coffee thie went to the break. it says something about your personality, traits that you might possess.s. >> plaqublack coffee, these aree drinksers that are found to be patient, and prefer to keep things simple.things they are resistant to making mai changes, and they are often qie wet anquiet and mod moody. >> you are moody. >> who isn't on this shift. >> you are pretty quiet overall. >> no he is not.o
6:43 am
>> you this, annie, i like this think that i am, too. >> those are people who are pretty quiet and when you speak, you stop and listen. >> thank you. >> latt, drinkers and those whoo add milk to your coffee. i always add something, are more likely to go out of their way to help others, and are generousge with their times. ti >> those are good things about you. >> and cappuccino or extra foamo drink lovers, are a perfectionist, [ overlapping speakers ] lperfectionist,overly sensitivey and tend to be worriers. >> let's talk about the instantt coffee drinkers. they are lay back, and they are often poor planners and are often to be procrastinators. >> i do drink instant coffee ate home when i leave the house and i have a second when i get here
6:44 am
i'm a little bit more, a procrastinator, i work better under deadlines. >> sarah, you have me in training. >> wisdom didn't drink coffee.f. >> so how do you take your coffee now. no >> i put creamer. >> it's cream with a little bit of coffee to be honest. >> got to put a little bit in it. >> i only drink v8, i don't mest with that other stuff. >> they have energy on it, but u it's v8. >> when you work this early shift you have tois have a lot coffee. >> a lot of caffeine. >> i don't know that says aboutu me, because i have to ask care asarah,what i'm drinking in the morning. >> i can drink anything. >> this good. this >> you think if we start drinking cappuccino t will start to make you overly sensitive.
6:45 am
>> who is willing to try. >> we will give some to >> you look great. we got temperatures in the upper 50s to start the morning here in washington. 58 in annapolis, and our highs i will top out in the upper 70s,70 and we will look 8 cloud deck. we will he show you, and manassas, and quantico foo for . low level kind of stratus cloudl deck and no moisture associated with it, we are not expecting ex any rainshower activity, in fact, not expecting any rain foo most of the week here as high pressure across the great lakes dominates our weather here forer the time being.time you can see the cloud deck working into parts of pennsylvania and working through the mid-atlantic at the moment. we should see the clouds preakek up a little bit later this afternoon, and turn partly sunny for most most of the region. our first day of high temperatures, and heavy rain to
6:46 am
last saturday, from a couple of nights ago off to the east. we should turn sunday night tomorrow as well.we. a good looking forecast, let me mention, cool if not cold conditions, overnight lows, only about 50 in the city, upper 30s by early tomorrow morning.ow and clear skies north and west. what a great looking week. we sunshine, not a lot of humidity, nice time of year. trees starting to do their thing. >> the smell in the air. ai >> the football season.n. >> football season. >> all footb good. >> good >> so you haven't worn the colors since week one, what happened? >> i mean, it's not, i'm not not making any statement by -- >> this is what happens. >> well, you know, i'm not as excited as i was. i haven't given up i'm not antiredskins. i wear the colors when i'm all excited. it's hard to be excited.
6:47 am
>> we got a party friday nightgt and met a couple and the husband loves your too-too doo-doo. >> yes. >> i can't stand it. -- the wife can't stand it. >> they proceeded to have anan argue amount about it. [ laughter ] >> it's one of those things,in, most people who say something tg me about it, love it. i have had a couple of peopleop say, please don't do it. >> if they say that, well, givei me an alternative and it's wisdom. >> since i just did it, i it wouldn't do it depend. we will say it's now time for ask tony and tucker. ♪ >> the segment where tucker ande i tuc put our heads together to answer the questions whetherwher related or otherwise. at least they care is what is important. >> today's question comes fromom jamejames mcneil in clinton he says how can you tell thell difference between a star ask aa
6:48 am
satellite. this seems easy to me. >> stars are great, big burning balls of gas.gas. >> yeah, a satellite is a manmade -- no, i think what hehe is asking is when you're looking up in the sky at night, and i assume he is maybe talking about shooting stars. >> well, i think we should heade in that direction. even if you're staring -- n this is a good picture.pictu >> if you're staring into the sky, and you know, you are see a twinkling star it could look like a satellite for a moment or two. >> here is the deal, satellites are moving across sky. stars, the true stars that areat in the sky don't move. they're fixed, they have a fixei position in the sky. a satellite will move slow slowy across the sky and there's a picture of a satellite and we can see some of them from earth but they're a white light that moves at a consistent break
6:49 am
across the sky in a straightrait line. one that is fun to watch is thee is the international space station. sometimes during the certain ce times of the year you can see it locally.loll >> does it blink the satellitest when it's moving? >> sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. do i noticed with some la satellitessed a red blinking. >> are you sure?su >> it could also be an aircraft, too. >> typically an airplane, thee,h red plane will have red lights and you see. that i don't think i have ever seen a satellite where i havei v seen red on it, too. okay. a star,o. as we said most starsr are stationary, however, there are things that we call shooting stars. >> not actually stars, they are usually little pieces of meteorites, coming into the earth's atmosphere, but they will suddenly blaze, and
6:50 am
completely flash. that is completely different.ret satellite steady, slow-moving straight line. shooting star will -- >> you will only see for a brief period of time. quick brilliant flash, and it frequently looks like, because it is often, falling toward the earth. >> uh-huh. >> so you will see that kind of frequently and sometimes it's kind of a straight line but it't headed toward the earth and wilt you see a flash as it's burning up. >> a big difference is a shooting star will have a burst, a trail of light. >> a light trail min behind it. >> a satellite will not. >> if you seewi something up there, a little light moving across the sky, slowly, that iss the satellite f it's faster andn maybe a red blinking light. that's an airplane and shooting and flashing that's a shooting star. >> there you yo >> there you go. >> perfectly. >> thank you for the question,th hope wee answered that for you. you would like to have a
6:51 am
question that you would like to have answered depo to myfoxdc.coweb -- goto onth weather of tab. and if you see something so that is flashing or moving put down the. the. >> and pull over were. >> if you're on the road. on the roads this morning, northbound i-95, the crew inin skyfox over the second incidentn which popped up on us, this is the before exit for quantico, qu two left lanes squeezing by then scene of this crash. 650, courthouse road. incident involved a flat truck r are tractor trailer, it looks like it's involving some kindki equipment.equi we have getting a truck on the scene. two left lanes are squeezing by. and headed northbound on i-95, - expect a lot of bail out traffic or folks trying to get out of ge woodt bridge. traffic will flow from wood wo bridge and headed to the franconia springfield eastbound along 66.alon lanes areg open, the pace ispace slowing from business 234 to tho
6:52 am
rest area.area. fair oaks headed eastbound toward 123, all lanes are open, southbound kenilworth avenue,av, leaving the d.c. line. and head toward pennsylvania avenue. we do have trouble headedaded southeast. crash occurred at malcolm x avenue. and that say check of fox 5 on time traffic. coming up next, top locallo chefs go head-to-head but not in the kitchen. >> we will explain why the battle is ending on the scalele coming up. next.
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good morning, everybody, i'm holly morrison on this mon morning. we're pulling a little double duty ow of sorts.
6:56 am
that is what 13 chefs have been doing as they have been taking part in the first fit hor hope chef challenge. it's for the american cancer society so they have been losini weight for a food cause.a fo here is what -- a good cause. here is what we got this morning. we are here with rg cooper who has been taking part in this. they are going to talk to us why they decided to do it and more importantly how they are going e about it, because they are goin to cook healingy stuff. they don't just get to cook, because we know that in order to lose weight, they got to work you the. that is to where wo therk traine in. we will find out what exercises they have been doing in order to see a difference. we are going to see some beforeo pictures and after pictures, and this all culminates with the fit for hope gala which is tomorrow night at the carnegie library.a. all for a good cause, should bel a lost fun, and when was the
6:57 am
last time, you got to come to a restaurant, eat, and workout alu in one space. spac pretty much fun n i think >> i think they're on tothey' something. this may be something to market oute there, holly, thanks, cant wait. a quick hello for to our local facebook fan of the day. let's do it. donna says that her day doesn't start until she hears tony's laugh. to be a fan go to our facebook page, and comment under donna's lovely picture. thanks, donna. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now let's send it to tony and allison to take us the rest of the day. >> breaking news in the hostagee standoff in africa. there have been large explosions, in the shopping mal insh the country of kenya where8 people have been killed. we know that americans are among the injured, we are going to gon bring you the latest on efforts
6:58 am
to end the violence there. meanwhile, close to home,, violence claims the life of af a local high school student and football player. he was stabbed to steaght i deaa northern virginia park. lock your doors while you pump gas and we have the video are that shows you why. you can be ripped off in a flash while standing next to your ownw car. police in maryland are taking ti action to protect you. redskins fans have you hit t the panic button yet? yet? don't panic yet, the burgundy and gold drop to 0-3, to a verses on the belly versus a a slide on the backslide costs th skins the game.. fox 5 news at 7:00, starts righs now. i personally don't think i would put it on any one play. >> the slide. >> it was a variety of things, but hey, the sun does shine, thn sun comes up no matter what, win or lose, the days move on and wd
6:59 am
have a very pretty start to theo day for this monday, september 23rd. good morning, i'm tony perkins.. i'm allison seymour, i love philosophical tony perkins, before we get to weather and and traffic, we want to let you knon that cedar tree academy on howard road in the district isrt closed today.closed there's a power outage, thege, school is closed today, just to, that one. let get to tucker barnes, hs has the latest on the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, we are off to a cloudy start. it's going to be a fall-likefal- day, first full day of fall wit high temperatures in the upperur 60s to 70s but not expectexpect anything rain with the cloud cover, and in the afternoon, partly sunny, get back to ge b school, and get back to work, and bwi marshall 56 degrees, overnight generally upper 40sray and low 50s outside the beltway, there's the


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